Sage Farm Goat Dairy is a small, family-run farm in Stowe, VT. Managed by sisters Molly and Katie Pindell and their partners, we milk a herd of registered Alpine goats and produce small-batch artisanal cheeses. Katie runs the milking operation and has developed a highly productive herd with genetics selected from farms across the country. Molly is the head cheesemaker, crafting our milk into a variety of award-winning cheeses. We are a true family farm, with Molly’s husband Dave and Katie’s partner Bob taking on roles in the operation as well. Bob has added a small maple production to our property and Dave manages the farm's finances. Molly and Dave’s children, Juliette and Soren, help with chores from feeding baby goats to wrapping cheese. Everyone pitches in to sell our products at three local farmer’s markets.

We milk the goats and make cheese from March through December. The herd moves daily through a variety of pasture and browse for most of that time, as long as the snow is not too deep. We tailor our cheesemaking to the season. Some cheeses are made only in spring, such as the maple banon, which is wrapped in newly unfurled sugar maple leaves. Others, such as the decadent Spruce, a bark-wrapped, washed rind cheese, we make with the rich, high-fat milk we get in the fall.

We strive to maintain a healthy and happy goat herd, promote a sustainable farm ecology, and produce high quality cheeses for our local New England market.