8 year-old does

Sage Farm Clover

Clover is the last doe we kept out of our Harmody sire Ned and she has not disappointed us. Clover has a nice high peak in milk production, a beautiful black glossy coat, and a great udder. She also seems to have a good degree of resistance to internal parasites- we have never needed to worm her.

Alpha-casein E/E

7 year-old does

Sage Farm Malawi

A Sage Farm favorite, Malawi is long and deep and resembles her grand dam, Demeter, in both her sweet personality and her generous milk production. She peaked at over 14 lbs in 2017 and easily passed the 3000 lb. mark, despite freshening a bit late, leaving her with a short lactation. In October of 2018 she was still milking 11 lb. per day. We robbed her of another 3000+ lb season in 2019 after switching to once-a-day milking.

Alpha-casein A/E

6 year-old does

Sage Farm Calliope


Calliope is a lovely doe out of our Roeburn line. She is fine of bone and we love her high, balanced udder.


Sage Farm Bonasa Umbellus

Bell has a well-balanced udder with excellent attachment. She has boasted the highest fat and protein levels in our herd for 3 consecutive years. In 2018 she maintained high components AND was one of our overall top milk producers.

Alpha-casein A/A

Sage Farm Sitta Carolinensis

After not getting bred her first year, Sitta had a fantastic first year milking as a 2-year-old. What a beauty! She is an absolute stand-out in the parlor. We love the breeding between No Foolin and Heidi. She did not settle again in 2017, but she broke records here at Sage Farm in 2018 with a milk production peak of 17.0 lb. and our highest seasonal milk total ever. She continued her run as a top milker in 2019 and would have easily posted a 3000+ lb season without our switch to once-a-day milking.

Alpha-casein A/E


5 year olds


Sage Farm Martha Sherman (Ickenspick)


Icky is Gertrude's granddaughter and one of our first milkers out of Cepphus. She has a beautiful form and high and compact udder. She peaked over 12 lbs as a 2nd-year milker and has nice components too. She seems to throw the most gorgeous kids every year.

Alpha-casein A/E


Sage Farm Pippa 


From our Roeburn line, Pippa is a gorgeous doe with a well-balanced udder. She was on track for a 3000+ lb season before we transitioned to once-a-day milking.

Alpha-casein E/F


Sage Farm Petunia


Petunia is Pippa's twin, offspring of Ophelia and No Foolin. A favorite on the farm, she has a shining personality and is eager to please in the parlor. She is petite and has great dairy characteristics. She mainatained an average of over 10 lbs throughout 2017 as a 2nd year milker.

Alpha-casein E/E


Sage Farm Bangs


Bangs is a large, gentle girl. She resembles her dam, Gertrude, in width and depth of body. She milks evenly throughout the season with a moderate peak and a strong finish in the fall.

Alpha-casein E/E


4 year olds


Sage Farm Vega


Vega has a beautiful udder and milks out quickly and evenly. She is also a total sweetheart and loves a good snuggle. Vega peaked at 15#/day in 2019 and was going for a record-breaking season until our transition to once-a-day milking.

Alpha-casein A/F



Sage Farm Gemini


Gemini broke Bolivia's record as our best all-time yearling milker in 2017. She now holds the Sage Farm record as our best all-time second year milker in 2018 and one of our top producers ever. She is an amazing animal with the same width and depth of body as her dam, Gertrude.

3 year olds  

Sage Farm Pixie Stix

Pixie was over 12 lbs at birth and she is going to be a big girl. She is still growing into her frame in her second year milking. She is a good milker with a balanced udder and good production.

Sage Farm Dots

Dots is an exciting young doe with just about everything going for her. One of our new favorites here at Sage Farm.

Sage Farm Starburst


age 1-01 days 207 milk 1594 fat 3.6 protein 2.8

age 2-00 days 277 milk 2239 fat 3.5 protein2.7

age 3-00 days 283 milk 2375 fat 3.2 protein 2.7

age 4-00 days 287 milk 2589 fat 2.5 protein 2.7

age 5-00 days 266 milk 2636 fat 3.1 protein 2.8

age 6-00 days 245 milk 2134 fat 2.8 protein 2.9




age 1-00 days 218 milk 1512 fat 3.5 protein 2.9

age 1-11 days 276 milk 2519 fat 3.3 protein 3.0

age 3-00 days 279 milk 2918 fat 2.6 protein 2.8

age 4-00 days 263 milk 3064 fat 3.0 protein 2.8

age 4-11 days 281 milk 3076 fat 2.9 protein 2.9


age 1-01 days 231 milk 1409 fat 3.0 protein 2.8

age 2-00 days 280 milk 2461 fat 3.0 protein 3.0

age 3-00 days 280 milk 2599 fat 3.2 protein 2.9

age 4-00 days 280 milk 2929 fat 3.3 protein 3.0


age 1-01 days 218 milk 1295 fat 3.6 protein 3.3

age 2-00 days 281 milk 2344 fat 3.4 protein 3.2

age 3-00 days 279 milk 2488 fat 3.7 protein 3.3

age 4-00 days 282 milk 3017 fat 3.4 protein 3.2


age 2-00 days 280 milk 2666 fat 3.2 protein 2.9

age 3-11 days 284 milk 3617 fat 3.5 protein 2.8



age 1-01 days 218 milk 1679 fat 3.5 protein 3.1

age 2-00 days 282 milk 2692 fat 3.6 protein 3.0

age 2-11 days 284 milk 2866 fat 3.3 protein 3.0



age 1-01 days 231 milk 1545 fat 3.1 protein 2.9

age 2-00 days 283 milk 2593 fat 3.3 protein 2.9

age 2-11 days 284 milk 2861 fat 2.9 protein 2.9



age 1-00 days 207 milk 1791 fat 2.3 protein 2.7

age 2-00 days 269 milk 2733 fat 2.9 protein 2.6

age 3-00 days 280 milk 2889 fat 2.8 protein 2.7





age 1-01 days 221 milk 1519 fat 3.0 protein 2.9

age 1-11 days 283 milk 2578 fat 3.1 protein 2.9

age 2-11 days 283 milk 2876 fat 3.6 protein 2.9


age 1-01 days 219 milk 1840 fat 2.9 protein 2.9

age 2-00 days 283 milk 2951 fat 3.0 protein 2.8


age 1-00 days 225 milk 2185 fat 2.7 protein 2.5

age 1-11 days 282 milk 3120 fat 2.9 protein 2.5



age 1-00 days 223 milk 2012 fat 2.9 protein 2.7


age 1-00 days 221 milk 2171 fat 2.7 protein 2.7


Starburst is our last doeling out of one of our original favorite does, Hestia (now retired). Starburst was a 4th of July baby so 2019 was her first milking season. At peak she was producing over 13# a day, which was a solid performance, nearly keeping pace with Dots, who is looking to make records on our farm. She is a very tall doe.

2 year olds

Sage Farm Frazil

Frazil is developing into a sleek young doe after some very awkward growing stages. She stands on gorgeous feet and legs, just like her dam Clover. We hope to replicate this breeding next year.

Sage Farm Squall


Squall is Avy’s sidekick and has enthusiasm for her job as well. She put in a decent year as a first year milker with good components.

Sage Farm Avalanche

Avy is a first year milker with a big personality and big production to go along with it. By the end of the season she was pushing to get into the parlor first and easily taking the crown as the yearling of the year. Peak milk was over 10# per day and we expect her to be a good late season milker as well.


Sage Farm Thera


Sage Farm Pinchicha


Sage Farm Kizimen


Sage Farm Kiluaea


Sage Farm Colima