Bolivia 5 year-old doe for sale $100


We are selling a wonderful 5 year-old doe. Bolivia was an excellent contributor to our milking team for 4 seasons, but we have not been able to successfully breed her back. She is in good health other than her barren status and would make a good companion animal or pet. She is friendly and used to being handled by adults and children.

Reserve your 2019 kids now! Doeling reservations are full for March fresheners but we still have April doelings available from a gorgeous group of yearlings. March bucklings are still available from our top does.

Breedings and estimated due dates are posted for 2019 kids. All kids are $175 if picked up by 2 weeks of age with an additional $50 per week boarding fee. To reserve a kid, we ask for a non-refundable deposit of $75.

Thank you for your interest in our animals. We strive to breed top quality Alpines that will be an asset to any dairy herd. We have taken great care to purchase breeding stock exclusively from farms that maintain high standards, both for milk production as well as for showing capabilities. We bottle-feed all of our kids and our farm’s small size ensures that we are able to give each animal the care that it needs to thrive. All of our goats test negative for CAE, Johne’s, and CL and are registered with ADGA. Doelings and bucklings come disbudded and with CDT vaccinations. Kids can be registered- we provide transfer paperwork and you can register them in your name. We use DHIA milk testing to help us maintain the highest quality dairy characteristics that we can. Browse through the pictures, descriptions, and production records on our Does  and Bucks pages and click on any goat’s name to link to its ADGA pedigree page. To reserve a goat we ask for a non-refundable deposit. For more information, or to reserve an animal, please call Katie at 802-253-8248 or email

A word about pick-up: We love to meet other goat owners and enjoy sharing our goats and our farm. We do ask that you please wear clean footwear that has not been in your barn or pasture. We keep a closed herd and take our commitment to our disease-free status seriously. Thanks!


2018 breedings for 2019 kids


Gertrude Scorpio March 18 2 doelings reserved

Clover Cepphus Apri 1 doeling reserved

Jamaica Scorpio March 9 2 doelings reserved

Malawi Scorpio March 10 2 doelings reserved

Calliope Cepphus March 11 1 doeling reserved

Umbellus Cepphus March 10 2 doelings reserved

Sitta Scorpio March 9 2 doelings reserved

Icky Scorpio March 11 2 doelings reserved

Pippa Cepphus March 9

Petunia Scorpio March 9 2 doelings reserved

Bangs Scorpio March 6 1 doeling reserved

Vega Cepphus March 10 2 doelings reserved

Gemini Scorpio March 11 1 doeling reserved

Pixie Stix Cepphus March 10

Dots Cepphus March 9

Snickers Scorpio March 10 1 doeling reserved

Starburst Scorpio March 6 1 doeling reserved

Frazil Cepphus April 16

Squall Cepphus April 8

Avalanche Cepphus April 20

Tempest Scorpio April ?